Wiff Waff

friendship 1st, competition 2nd


Life is art is sport is life – next WWW, March 28th…

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Nae bad

Every month in 2017! Have a good year y’all!

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Reddy on the dex

Playin 45’s by both men & women! The WiffWaff DJ’s, for your pleasure!

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His n hers!

Basically it’s one big fashion show!  Wiff Waff on the runway, every month!

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Lovers rock

Love is in the air – who you gonna be playing doubles with? Nest WWW, 11 Feb!

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paper survey

It’s taken our designers months to work out how to fit our Wiff Waff survey onto such a big sheet of paper!

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When the going is smooth and good…

… many, many people will be your friend, but when the going gets tough, many many them will run away”

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spring clean

Thats the new wiff waff championship tables arriving – courtesy of North Merchiston Club!

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broken dreams

Post wiff waff debris – names from the doubles comp the night before!

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de la luge

Gearing up for our Winter Games special on Feb 19th – #allwelcome

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